Monday, July 8, 2013

Gambit & Storm: X-Men Work


     I feel the need to apologize for not posting regularly lately, school and family are taking their toll on my personal time. But, never fear, I have something fun for you today.

I grew up with X-Men Classics, and saw the inception of Jim Lee and modern generations of artists and writers take over the mantle of the X-Men. Some things I agree with, others I think could have been left on the drawing board, but one idea I am glad they gave to us was Gambit.

His appeal was his attitude, his look and his powers. Witty, arrogant, and even silent when need be, he embodied luck and skill and fans of this character follow him almost as feverishly as deadpool fans do to their legacy from Leifeld.

Please enjoy what I have below, I have no pencil scans of this because this was before I started scanning the pencils. But thanks to everyone for pressuring me to scan them, I do enjoy looking back and seeing how each project comes along now. The colors were provided by James Anderson, as usual. His work keeps getting better impo.

Gambit & Storm are Copyright Marvel Comics

Thanks for dropping in, and keep in touch. Classes end and I get a few weeks off soon, so I will try to knock out some new work during that time. Now, I am off to harass my colorist to help provide you some quality work for you to enjoy!

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