Saturday, July 27, 2013

The World Needs Ninjas...

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    I always enjoyed the visuals of ninjas in comics and cartoons as a kid. There was everything from Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow from the G.I. Joe genre, to more progressive neo-Shogun look of TMNT's Shredder. And let us not forget Marvels neo militant ninja/Spider-Man inspired Deadpool.

You can find Ninja type characters in almost every comic company out there. So inevitably as an artist you turn to such a genre for inspiration, or just some fun doodle time. Below is one of my versions of a character I made years ago I call "Orion", but as usual, I am unsure if it will ever go anywhere.

"Orion" drawn by Cliff England | Colors by James Anderson

I hope yo enjoy pseudo original work, because everyone should love Ninjas! Keep checking in, I am working on more now. Hang in there, I am trying to use time between classes to pump some new work out! Thanks for dropping in!

Cliff England Comic Art
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