Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TMNT - Leonardo

Who doesn't love TMNT?!?

As an artist, I assume each artist has their "Safe Place" when it comes to the work they do. Things they sketch, or things they paint, etc. In my case, when bored, I draw TMNT. Sketches, doodles and anything in between.

Below is one of the first pieces me and @JamesW_Anderson on Twitter! did when we began working together. The work was one of the first colored pieces I had ever seen of my own work, and to this day, I think we did a great job together. More TMNT pieces came later on, but I thought this would be a great intro piece for re-populating this website as we are working on migration here. Enjoy!

TMNT - Leonardo Copyright Viacom,  All Rights Reserved

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