Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Some Adobe Illustrator Classwork


     As I am nearing mid-terms and looking forward to completing the Adobe Illustrator class, I have a few small tidbits to share with those who enjoy my work.

I really want to just start doodling and throwing pencils and inks down, but I am focused on trying to finish up classes and learning the basics and hopefully some advanced work with the Illustrator and Photoshop programs.

With that being said, I want to share some of what I have done so far, so hopefully show some progression as time passes by. So let's get into what I have done so far...

1. Chibi Batman

In class we were working to learn how lines are formed to explain how the inner workings of Adobe Illustrator works on an algorithmic level. In doing so, the teacher said, pick an image, and color it.

In a rush, I quickly ran to google images, and typed in Batman, and this little guy is what I found. The line work was done by "-NoRullezz" according to deviantART.com. I sent him or her a message to let them know that I had colored their work but got no response. If you know the artist, let them know it's now colored. Below is the breakdown, sorry it's not my own line art, but it was more about learning the program not about my art. Either way, I think it turned out good for a first attempt.

2. The Mad Bird

OK, seriously, this was just messing around, but it goes to show how you can take just a few simple objects and turn them into something with little effort if you just have some imagination. Take a look...

3. Limeade

When learning overlays, we were told to take apart an image and turn it into an advertisement of some kind. So, here is my first attempt...

4. 1-800-EXCUSES

In my second attempt, I thought that an advertisement should be a little more laid out. So, I put some thought and imagination into the image below, enjoy...

5. The Target & Arrow

In an effort to be able to say that 1-800-EXCUSES was more than clip art and lettering, I made the image in the middle from a few simple lines and shading. I threw it below for you to enjoy.

All together, I think I am getting a handle on the program, but I am pretty sure I am an old school illustrator at heart, and hopefully I can get back into simply drawing line art again soon. But while I am in school, I will focus on having a little more fun than the guy sitting next to me while doing my homework!

Keep checking in, and make sure to let me know if you Liked, Shared, Tweeted, or Pinned my work anywhere. Love knowing when it is getting out there!

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