Monday, June 24, 2013

TMNT Donatello

Welcome back,

     I grew up in the hayday of TMNT. It was a cartoon, a movie, and it was toys, and even candy. It was everywhere. As I developed my artwork over the years, TMNT was always a fun and enjoyable way to learn to draw better and more effectively. It helped me learn lighting, proportion and even anatomy (in a cowabunga kind of way.) So without further adu, I want to present to you a Donatello piece I did last year with the help of my colorist James Anderson at he helm of the photoshop machine.

TMNT & Donatello are Copyright Viacom Entertainment

I hope you enjoy my version of TMNT. I draw them somewhat more pronounced and even blocky than most, but it works for my style, and most people that see them enjoy them. So, I thought you might enjoy seeing this piece. Thanks for dropping in, and let me know if you see any of my work out there, I love getting feedback.

Cliff England Comic Art
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