Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Gift from Phoenix Scroll Saw Art!

Hey there folks,

     Sorry I have been offline for a while, been catching up on real life and school. My Adobe Illustrator class is halfway over, and my Intro to Graphic Design class is complete now. So that is out of the way. But that isn't the reason I am posting today.

Today I want to shine a spotlight on Phoenix Scroll Saw Art. Why? Simple, let me tell you a story...

A few months ago, I was contacted by the owner of this site (Brock) & he asked if he could use some of my images for his Scroll Saw work. I said "Of Course", and never thought much of it. Then, a few weeks ago, I get a package in the mail, and it had the following items in it...

Hulk & Psylocke by Phoenix Scroll Saw Art.

I immediately remembered the email I had with Brock and realized what they were. I had a few carpentry classes when I was younger and I know this is a hard skill to master, and also dangerous, ask any screen printer what their work environment is like, both have hazards that make it easy to lose a finger very easily.

Below are the original images he derived the work from...

Hulk & Psylocke (Colors by James Anderson)

All in all, it was a pleasant surprise to have in the mail, and Brock's hard work and entrepreneurial spirit is exactly what we need in America today. I commend him for getting out there and doing what he does. So go over there and support him if you want some of your own work put into a nice wooden finish!

More work coming from me soon, I have recently figured out how to begin drawing with the Wacom pen and am "Re-Learning" how to draw. Small cartoon figured and maybe some TMNT work by me will be out soon, so hang in there!

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