Cliff was born and raised in Missouri, and currently lives in Arizona with his wife and 4 children. His hobbies include Art, Jogging, Exercise and Cooking. Cliff is also a USMC Veteran, Former Truck Driver, an NRA member as well as a Certified NRA Certified Instructor, and loves to teach people about firearms safety to help make his community safer. Cliff also enjoys Restoring old Firearms when he gets a chance.

Cliff didn't draw much after he got out of High School due to his obligations in the Marines and other reasons including family, but recently began drawing again in 2011. Since putting a pencil in hand again, he has began going to school taking Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, and Cisco Networking Classes. His goal is to make sure he has the ability to get his artwork out to people who enjoy it, and create an income doing what he loves.

Cliff's art is largely Comic based, but also does design work for friends and family, and recently small business. He hopes to expand his skills to web design so he has the ability to reach a broader audience who can enjoy the skills he provides.

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