Monday, June 24, 2013

TMNT Donatello

Welcome back,

     I grew up in the hayday of TMNT. It was a cartoon, a movie, and it was toys, and even candy. It was everywhere. As I developed my artwork over the years, TMNT was always a fun and enjoyable way to learn to draw better and more effectively. It helped me learn lighting, proportion and even anatomy (in a cowabunga kind of way.) So without further adu, I want to present to you a Donatello piece I did last year with the help of my colorist James Anderson at he helm of the photoshop machine.

TMNT & Donatello are Copyright Viacom Entertainment

I hope you enjoy my version of TMNT. I draw them somewhat more pronounced and even blocky than most, but it works for my style, and most people that see them enjoy them. So, I thought you might enjoy seeing this piece. Thanks for dropping in, and let me know if you see any of my work out there, I love getting feedback.

Cliff England Comic Art
"Stupid is a choice.." - Jim Brown

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Batman (Neo-Classic Look)

Welcome back folks,

     Below is a piece I put together last year that I liked, and went over fairly well on I will update the post later with some more details about how I got the idea for it, but until then, just enjoy the art. Thanks for dropping in.

Batman is Copyright DC Comics

Cliff England Comic Art
"Stupid is a choice.." - Jim Brown

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Deathlok - Marvel Work

Hey all,

    Sorry for the time away, school, family and life tend to just get overwhelming sometimes. That being said, I have a treat for you. Deathlok!

Now, many of you are probably not aware of who, or what Deathlok is, or was. Deathlok was a character in the Marvel Universe who first appeared in Astonishing Tales #25, in August 1974. Below is a pic I found of the cover so you can see some history on the character.

Marvel Comics, Astonishing Tales #25
Copyright Marvel Comics

According to the Wiki, there have been subsequent people who have carried the moniker of Deathlok over the years, but in the comics wold, you never have anyone that agrees, so I wouldn't expect any different from them on this issue. I personally don't know the answer.

I always enjoyed the character for his unique (and somewhat gruesome) appearance. I always enjoyed the cybernetic appeal of the Mid 90's Leifeld, Sylvestri, Lee genre of heroes, and unfortunately, they never drew this character much. Below is a recent piece (2009) from Lan Medina (-thepunisherone on if you want to see more from him). This is, impo, one of the best pics of Deathlok ever done...

Deathlok #1 by Lan Medina, Copyright Marvel Comics

That all being thrown at you might have been overkill, but defiantly gives you an overview of the material I provided. So without further anticipation, enjoy my version of Deathlok below...


Deathlok is Copyright Marvel Comics

As usual, the colors were done by James Anderson. All together, this was a niche piece. This character has a cult following at best, but it has a ton of possibilities. I hope to draw more of him in the future, and explore different ways to work shadows, and reflections off of metal parts to bring it together even better. Enjoy!

Cliff England Comic Art
"Stupid is a choice.." - Jim Brown