Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Fun Weekend...

OK, I admit it, listening to lectures and taking tests isn't fun. That being said, I have to say, I am glad I did take the NRA Certified Firearms Instructor course this last weekend.

When I got there, I met Mike Abromovich. His job as the Instructor was to train new hopeful future NRA Certified Firearms Instructors, and give them some insights into how to do it successfully, while remaining safe, limiting liability and encouraging us to enjoy what we do in the process.

Mike Abromovich

We started the weekend off by finding Joe Foss Shooting Range in Buckeye, AZ...

Joe Foss Shooting Range

As the weekend progressed, Mike went over several safety items that each instructor would possibly encounter over time. He also went over the fundamentals of teaching range based content (Which is the most fun to me). Everyone had fun. Here are the pics from this weekend (and many more), and below are some of me having fun.




Overall it was a fun and encouraging experience. Mike loves what he does and it shows. His efforts, and others like him that encourage a safe gun culture are part of what makes me proud to live in AZ. We could use some more people like him.

The picture below sums up the weekend pretty well...

More Work soon, Just wanted to keep you all up to date on what's going on. If anyone in AZ Wants to learn more about Mike's Business "Certified Instruction & Training, LLC" you can find it by following the link I provided. He also has a Facebook & Twitter Page. So go say hi, he loves helping out new and experienced shooters.

If you're ever in AZ and want to go shooting, just shoot me a message anytime, I love the sound of brass hitting the deck!

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