Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Original Work Week - Part 4

Welcome back,

      Today I want to showcase a piece I did a few years ago while on some downtime due to an illness. The flu can do strange things to people, and in my case, it caused enough boredom (due to staring at the ceiling and running to the bathroom) that I doodled quite a bit for about a week.

During that time I came up with several original ideas for random character designs, but thought this was one that I, and many others thought was entertaining enough to ink. Below was the result...

Random Female Warrior

Again, like the Random Ninja Guy, I never named this character, but I thought the design was very interesting, and in drawing her, she went through several design stages. Unfortunatly I have misplaced the design pages or I would scan and post them for you all.

I did manage to keep this for your enjoyment, and I hope you get time to share it with anyone you feel will enjoy it too. Keep checking in, I am working my way to 2 original characters, and they are colored for your enjoyment. Thanks for dropping in!

Cliff England Comic Art
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