Monday, April 22, 2013

My Message to All Insurance Companies...


    As I am sure you know, we are in a bit of an economic downturn. I think we all know there is little hope of things turning around anytime soon, and due to this I am always looking for a deal. I am also a budget hawk and I am always looking to make a dollar if I can.

Recently, I have seen my insurance bill increase, and fluctuate. As usual, when dealing with these companies, you get tired of dealing with them. I consider myself a simple man, and think that insurance companies are parasitic at best, but due to local, state and federal guidelines for insurance requirements, regular folks are forced to pay for these things.

As such, I pay my bills, and I don't get embarrassed when I can't pay for something because I feel I am financially responsible when I say "NO" to something I can't afford. If everyone did the same thing, this country would be in a much better place financially, but that is a story for another day. I thought everyone would get a kick out of my last message to USAA Insurance Company.

My Message to All Insurance Compnies

Now, I understand that large companies see most of us as numbers, and possibly even specs of dust. But I would simply like everyone to know, that if everyone simply stopped debating and drew a line in the sand, you could achieve miraculous results.

I dislike changing companies, and I am adamantly loyal to the companies I do business with, but I am also smart enough to know when I am not getting the best deal that I can get. So, I would like to post this as a "line in the sand" for my insurance company... 

Let's see yours...

P.S. Verizon, You're Next!

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