Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Original Work Week - Part 5

Welcome back,

       Again, today I want to showcase some of my original work. This piece was done back in 97', and to this day, I think it was one of my favorites I have ever done. My skills have improved over time, and I do plan on revisiting this image to see how I have developed as an artist, but most people that see it love it.

The image is one I call "Mad Dwarf". I put this inking on and I am hoping to add the "Colored Version" to this image someday so I can showcase it there as well. My colorist has taken some downtime for real life lately as I am in school, but I hope over the next year to rekindle some of the colored activity he has shown such an aptitude for.

"Mad Dwarf" from 1997

Again, this was done many, many years ago. Many people in my personal circles have enjoyed it, and now I am sharing it with you. I hope you like it, and share it with your friends too. Let me know if you ever see it floating around, as I love knowing my work gets out there. Thanks for dropping in, and keep checking in, as I have some more Original work for you tomorrow. Later!

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