Monday, May 6, 2013

Angela - Image Work

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     Last year I did my first Angela pic from the Spawn Series. I myself never got into the Manga Weapon Genre, but as a request from my colorist, I gave it a whirl. The result was a fairly awesome image, as you can see below. I took my own spin on the character, as I do in many cases, but spin that I thought worked out for a descent image.

My goal was to produce a pseudo manga type Angela that was fun to look at, while still portraying what Todd McFarlane created on paper. I grew up looking at his style, and to this day, I say the scariest job in all the comics industry has to be inking that man's work. lol.


Angela is Copyright Neil Gaimen

There was a sizable fight for the rights to this character after a messy copyright and ownership struggle between Gaimen and McFarlane, but the Character lives on in past comics and there are rumors that the character is supposed to end up in the Marvel Universe at some point now that Gaimen has won the rights in court. Only time will tell, until then, please enjoy what I have drawn. And send Kudos to James Anderson for Providing the wonderful colors in this image.

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