Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bettie Page - Wallpaper

As I am working on some basic classwork, new work is hard to come up with due to time constraints. So, in an effort to keep populating some work over on this new blog, I want to showcase this work I did in a previous Photoshop Class.

Bettie Page - Wallpaper

It was a smash success in class, but I must admit, I didn't draw the image. I am still unable to find the artist who did create the clip art used at the center of the image. Please contact me if you are aware of who did it so they can get credit for the clip art.

My main focus was working with textures, bevels & lettering. My class thought it was great, it got much fanfare on & I hope you enjoy it too. Keep checking in for more work, and share if you like it! Let me know if you use it as your desktop at home or at work, love knowing when my work gets out there!

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