Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Welcome back to my blog,

     Recently I received some colored work back from my colorist James Anderson. It was a Nightwing piece I designed due to his personal request. I myself like the Batman genre stuff, but was raised on Marvel comics, and still relate to them much better. That being said, below is the sequence of how the work progressed...


The progression took some time as I was unsure how to angle some things, his Costume was another question. As I am not a hardcore Batman fan, I had little information going forward. I was unsure if the different costume colors (Red vs the Light Blue) had any significance, etc, etc...

I was happy with the pencils, as I am normally not. I leave them open and some would consider them "bare" because I believe in interpreting the art and working with it to some degree when placing final inks down. This can be detrimental if working to ink someone else work, but in my case, I drew the pencils, so I had much more leverage than normal artists.

Well, I am babbling at this point. I hope you enjoy it, and more is coming as I need to re-populate this site with my old work. Keep checkin' back in!

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