Friday, April 19, 2013

Original Work Week - Part 2

Welcome back,

    If you liked yesterday, and according to the stats I am seeing you did, than I have some more older work that I thought I would show you. This is some preliminary work I did when developing my A'khuma Character that I gave everyone a little glimpse of in my inaugural post to this site. It is a Fantasy, Warrior type character that is always fun to draw. Below you will see the Development of this character as far back as 95'...

A'Khuma - Development 1

As usual, I wasn't paying attention in class, rather I was developing an idea I had in my head while in HS. But, hey, you get to enjoy it now...

A'Khuma - Development 2

Again, this was the basic development of the character. It has always tended to grasp people's attention when they see it, and tomorrow, I will post the most recent images of him that were showcased some time back.

Developing characters is hard for some artists, but with a little imagination, and some inspiration from things you enjoy, you will find an artist has the fuel to make gripping images everyone can enjoy.  More tomorrow, bye for now. Thanks for dropping in!

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