Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Rise of Night Thrasher...

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OK, I admit it, Night Thrasher is still dead. But I wish he wasn't. As I grew up, one of my favorite books was "The New Warriors". I picked it up religiously until I got older, and Kids and Work became a priority. The Character is a mix of several characters, yet distinctly original by the design that was his costume. The Black and Red Motif was great, and Mark Bagley was just the right artist for the series in my opinion...

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The New Warriors #1 - Artist Mark Bagley

Every artist succeeding Bagley took their own artistic intent on the character, but I never liked them much personally. Marvel finally realized Bagley was a real talent, and they stole him and sent him over to draw Spider-Man for many, many years. And unfortunately, I think that was one of the nails in the coffin for this series.

But, never fear, the character left enough of an impression on me and many other cult followers that we still make sure to put him out every now and then. Here is my version, please enjoy!

Night Thrasher is Copyright Marvel Entertainment
Drawn By Cliff England - Colors by James Anderson

I put up the pencils, inks and full colors (Done by none other than James Anderson, as usual). I think this picture tells a story, portrays the character in a way that make the viewer think about what they are looking at and I was happy to be able to produce it.

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(P.S. - Marvel, If you ever want a neat story idea on how to bring this character back, email me!)

Cliff England Comic Art
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