Thursday, April 18, 2013

Original Work Week - Part 1


    First I want to tell you all that I should be back to drawing some new stuff by the fall, but until then I still want to populate this new site with older work so you get a sense of what I can do, and how my work has developed over time. To accomplish this I want to display some Original work over the next week or so.

Below is a character I call Mirik. I consider him to be a Fantasy type hero character with bits and pieces of Ninja/Monk/Warrior/Jedi type of appeal. The first image is below...

Mirik in 1997

This is the first image I ever did with this character. I enjoyed the look and feel, so i have done hundreds of other pencil sketches, but this one was always a good piece in my opinion. As artists know, sometimes you hit a piece on the head, and in this case, I think this one was a home run. Plus, if you look carefully, you can see.... this is from 97'.

Mirik in 2012

Above you will see some newer work I did in the last year of this character. I don't consider it my best work, but I thought it had some elements I enjoyed, so I threw him up on and it went over well. Again, I think the character has many elements that comic & fantasy fans enjoy and hope to someday spend some time possibly getting this character published, even if I have to do it myself.

I still have much more original work to show you, and want to do it in small pieces to keep you wanting more, so hang in there, and keep checking in. Thanks for dropping in.

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