Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Mighty Titan!


     Today I wanted to showcase some work I did for Joe Martino. Joe is a Cancer Survivor who wanted to put his Character into print so you could have it in your hands someday. Joe was proactive and started up a KickStarter account, marketed it until his eyes bled and made sure it got done. I was a major backer of his Project (#TeamMightyTitan is his Twitter Marker) because I liked his proactive way of going about it and his not taking no for an answer. You can find him doing shady things over @jgmcomics on Twitter. He also has a Facebook page set up for it as well.

The Mighty Titan © Joe Martino

Since the end of Joe's KickStarter he has been able to complete quite a bit more I hear and I would imagine you will be able to see this project come to life before or during the summertime.  In the meantime I whipped up a little something with the help of my awesome colorist James Anderson. See below for our addition to Mr. Martino's Project, we wish him well.


I hope you enjoy it, it was fun to make. Defiantly an eye grabber with the foreshortening. Make sure to go out and support Joe and any KickStarter you think is a worthy cause!

Cliff England Comic Art
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