Friday, January 11, 2013

Ms. Marvel

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     Once again I post random artwork from throughout my portfolio in an attempt to repopulate my website since migrating over to the blogger platform. I admit, blogger gives me much more leverage as to reaching my audience and has proven very helpful in learning where to advertise and monetize on my artworks distribution. Money isn't my main goal, but hell, I guess as an artist if you can make even a few cents on everyone enjoying your work you better take it.

That being said, below I have showcased Ms. Marvel. This character is beloved around the world of Marvel, Avengers lovers as well as Cosplay and nerd/nerdettes in the comic arena. Geekdom wouldn't be the same without this wonderful character being there for some eye candy IMHO. So without further ado, I present, Ms. Marvel...


Ms. Marvel is © Marvel Entertainment, All Rights Reserved

As usual, James Anderson was the colorist and I think he did a wonderful job once again. The textured background got lots of attention from throughout the DevianART crowd and to this day it seems to be on of my highest rated images.

James and I are proud to be able to present images like this to you and hope you keep returning to see more. Thanks for dropping in, and please feel free to like and share any of our work with your friends, family and anyone you think would be interested to help us get some exposure for our hard work in the Comics Industry!

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