Friday, January 18, 2013

TMNT Raphael


    Again, I want to showcase some TMNT stuff. Specifically Raphael. Raphael seems to be the "Anti-Hero" among the TMNT crowd. Anti social, and seemingly volatile. For this reason, many people relate with the character because people always look for a righteous character to cheer on.

Right, Wrong or Indifferent Raphael wields some pretty impressive Hardware utilizing the Sai as a weapon. The Sai's origin is from the Trident pole like weapon called the "Trisula" in the Ancient Southern Asian Cultures.

This weapon has many variations. Short, Long and everything in between you will find it changing lengths depending on the artist, but needless to say it is an effective "Attitude Adjuster" and Raphael will use it whenever he gets the chance to stomp the bad guys.

TMNT & Raphael are Copyright Viacom, All Rights Reserved
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TMNT were created by Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird. The colored version of my work was completed by James Anderson, and I think he did a wonderful job. Some of his best work in my personal opinion. We hope you enjoy. Thanks for dropping in, and keep coming back.

I have some Adobe Illustrator classes coming up this semester, so I will continue to showcasing some older work here to continue re-populating the content since the move to blogger. Enjoy!

Cliff England Comic Art
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