Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Migrating over to Blogspot...

Welcome lovers of Comic Art,

    I wanted to let everyone know what is going on. This week I had some time on my hands, so I decided to re-asses what has happened, and how to move forward. In doing that I realize school takes a large chunk of my time. I also found that running a wordpress site is far to time intensive for my time limitations and experience.

With that being said, I have posted up a new blog, forwarded the old cliffengland.com website address here, and linked up the old email to the new GMail addy to make the transfer flawless! Now, most of the links are up, and it will take some time to populate the posts, but I have a while to do that because schools starts up in a few weeks.

I wanted to go over what I considered to be the best work Me and @JamesW_Anderson on Twitter were able to produce over the last year... so let's begin...



Above is an Original character of mine I call "A'Khuma". I called him Akuma before the Street Fighter character was ever created, but in the 90's I was unable to think of another name, so I simply reworked the spelling so there were no copyright issues in the future while still staying true to my characters origins. I chose this first because it is Original content.

Ghost Rider


This is by far the best work I and James have pulled off to date. The funny part was, it was at the beginning of learning how to do what we do, and it was one of those "Right place, Right Time / Every Dog Has His Day" pieces. It brings to mind a saying I heard once..."Perfection is achieved not when there is anything left to add, but nothing to take away". Not sure who said it, but it rang true when I saw it the first time and every time since.

Ms. Marvel


Everyone seems to love this one, for obvious reasons. Eye candy is something I still try to stay away from. As an artist, I think it's kind of cheap when an artist makes near naked women just to get hits on their work. That being said, there are some artists that makes beautiful artwork with women in it rather than just bubblegum pop scantily clad females trying to get more hits than the day before. This was one of my first female pics and I see several imperfections, but overall it was a hit, and I think I did justice to the character itself. I hope you enjoy her.

TMNT - Raphael


Now I think you are a blue blooded Vulcan communist pinko bastard (I think I just made that term up) if you don't like TMNT, and as such I like to draw them when brainstorming. This image was exactly what happened when I take it to the next level. Now, I draw my TMNT characters much more "bulky" or "Stocky" than most other artists, but it works for me, and I have always gotten compliments for it. I hope you enjoy. James did a wonderful job on the colors and really made me feel I didn't do squat here... lol.



This was a piece I tried several different techniques with pencils, positioning, scanners, and I believe it was the first pic I did after I purchased my new art desk. That being said, I learned a lot with this one, and James did an absolutely stunning job on the colors in my personal opinion.

I have much more to do, and will defiantly re post what I had on the other site as soon as I can get it migrated over here. But I wanted to make sure we had one hell of a first post here. School starts in a few weeks, and I have much updating and even a Mr. Sinister to finish up so off to work I go again...

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