Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sketches and Updates!!!

Hey all,

I have been very busy lately, and school starts up again this weekend, so I hope I spent enough time streamlining things that it is easier to keep you updated during my busy period in the Fall.

With that being said, I have started keeping some of the better sketches I have made, and uploaded one the other night that I thought you would enjoy... Dunadunadunadunaduna.... Baaaatmaaaaan!!!

Batman is Copyright DC Comics
Sketch by Cliff England

Some people have asked if I keep them, and my answer no usually. But, I think it's nice to see an artists raw talent from time to time. Sketches show skill, raw talent and feeling in the moments when it is being made.

I will probably turn this one into a full fledged 11x17 print next week, but first I have a few graphics to make and a a drawing to make for I saw their project last week for the first time, and I thought it was interesting. Click the image below for more details on their stuff...

XenoGlyphs is Copyright Omar Spahi (To the best of my knowledge)

I don't want to step on their artists feet, so it will just be a single piece, to help them get some traction, like I did for Joe Martino and the Mighty Titan Project he did. I love helping out folks when I am capable of it.

I may post some more sketches in the future, depending on if it's popular with you all, but hang in there... my colorist James Anderson has recently came out of his cave and started producing again. Once he gets his side projects cleared up, I am sure he will have some surprises for all of us. I keep telling him to get his site up and running so I can refer coloring jobs to

On a final note, you will notice a slight redesign to the site. You are now able to buy prints directly through this site. I have all prints done through a local printer and keep all funds in AZ whenever possible because I believe in supporting local business'.

CliffEnglandDesign Store on Ebay

I have also been doing some web work on the side, and more seems to be coming at me from every angle. It can get time consuming, so if I go out of contact for a week or so, don't worry. I shall return! My true love is drawing comic stuff.

Thanks for dropping in, keep in touch and make sure to like, share and comment when you get a chance. I love hearing what you guys and gals have to say!

Cliff England Comic Art
"Stupid is a choice.." - Jim Brown

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