Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Original Work Week - Part 8

Welcome Back,

     Below is a commission I did last year. One that I really didn't want to lose the original for, but hey, that's the nature of this business. It was a request for a "Gunslinger". I have never done any "western" genre anything in my entire life, but I said what the hell, and gave it a whirl.

below you will see what was to come of the experiment. And why I always encourage folks to leave their comfort zone. When you try new things, you find you do things you never knew you could do before...

Gunslinger - Commission

I hope you enjoy this piece, and later this year I hope to have time to do more commissions. Until then, enjoy the work you see here! Thanks for dropping in, talk to you later.

Cliff England Comic Art
"Stupid is a choice.." - Jim Brown

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