Monday, August 19, 2013

Vampire Hunter Cover Idea

Hi again,

Many, many years ago, when I was still in my teens I did a small storyboard concept for a Vampire Hunter. To this day I remember the character concept and have many images somewhere I need to revisit. One of the pages I found when delving into the older stuff this weekend was one of the cover concepts I did for this idea, as seen below...

Vampire Hunter Cover Idea - By Cliff England

I liked the concept of the character, and the idea, but the older I got the less I was interested in it due to it being so outplayed in movies, etc. I believe Vampires have a place in books, and on screen, but they tend to get played out fast and I just never found the fire in my belly to finish the concept.

I always liked this cover Idea though, so I put it here for your comments, likes and hopefully shares so others can see it. I will see if I can put together an 11 x 17 sometime this season. I always saw this concept colored with a Sepia/Monochromatic theme faded in  from the top down. Hopefully my colorist can make something like that happen... Enjoy!

Cliff England Comic Art
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