Thursday, April 25, 2013

Original Work Week - Part 6

Welcome back,

     As previously stated, I have much Original Work to show you, and it seems it may exceed a week, but hey, I don't think folks mind. In today's post I want to showcase a character I made years ago (Late 90's) and that I recently updated and redrew. My colorist, James Anderson did a wonderful job bringing it into focus for me. I always knew how I wanted him colored, but never actually colored him myself, either in pastels, crayons, water colors or colored pencils.

After seeing how it came out, I was very encouraged seeing one of my creations colored. I call this Character "Sebastian" after the term for Christian "Saint" or "Martyr". The flames, combined with the prismatic, almost digital like sparkles give his powers a appearance that I think seems visually unique.


I assume that sometime soon, I will mess around and update him a little, to tweak anything that is offset or not appealing to a wider audience, but until then, I hope you enjoy him. Thanks for dropping in, and let me know what you think. Make sure and let me know if you see my work anywhere, I love knowing it gets out there. More to come tomorrow.

Cliff England Comic Art
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